How it Works – The Recovery Process

We assist in the secure filing of your claim and stay in full compliance with all government agencies. We are committed to protecting our client’s privacy and we strictly safeguard any personal information provided to us.
Our fees are based upon a percentage of the total value of the financial assets that we recover for you. We do not solicit nor do we accept any payments in advance for our services. There are NO hidden fees, costs, or expenses. We are only paid once your funds have been received from the government agency. If for any reason we are not able to obtain your funds, you owe us NOTHING!

Step 1: Research and Location
Through research of various legal and financial documents together with our network of financial connections, we locate meaningful dormant financial assets that have been misdirected in the financial system. Through our years of investigative experience, our research experts locate the rightful owners who can make claim on these dormant financial assets.

Step 2: Verification and Authorization
Before we contact you, we already had made an extensive research effort locating and confirming the identity of the rightful owner of the underlying property. At the time we contact you regarding a claim, there is a 99% chance that you are entitled to the dormant assets. We have already researched your Original Address and your Current Address. Upon our verification of the proper claimant, we are required to obtain the proper claimants written authorization to proceed with the recovery.

Step 3: Recovery
After locating you, we will send you a request for authorization to process your claim. After receipt of this authorization, we will send you a Private Investigator Agreement and Claim Form. Upon receipt of your signed and notarized documents, Claimant Asset Recovery will begin to process your claim on your behalf. If additional information is needed, one of our experienced recovery claim specialists will help you with the documentation needed to complete the claim.

Upon our receipt of the written authorization, our processing team efficiently gathers the necessary documentation to finalize the recovery. During the process, our team keeps our clients updated on the status of the recovery and are available to answer any questions. After the necessary documentation is finalized and submitted, the recovered funds are sent directly to the Claimant.

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