What is an “Assets Location Company” or “Heir Finder”?
Private Investigators (sometimes referred to as Assets Location Companys or Heir Finders) are individuals or companies that offer to file claims for dormant property for the apparent owner or their heirs for a fee. If an owner chooses to use a Private Investigator/Heir Finder, a full disclosure contract between the owner and the Private Investigator specifying where the property is coming from must be signed. The disclosure contract is an agreement between the owner and the Private Investigator.
Is there any risk of Identity Theft?
THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO RISK OF IDENTITY THEFT.Private Investigator laws strictly prohibit the abuse of client private data. To help you recover your Dormant Property, we handle the requested identification documentation with the highest degree of security. We do not retain your requested identity documentation but transfer it along with the required additional documentation via UPS transport to the appropriate State agency. We would never tarnish our professional integrity and reputation and face certain lawsuits by illegally sharing your private data with other parties. Our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau will confirm our excellent professional reputation.
Why didn’t the dormant property agency contact me directly?
The records we work with commonly have missing or incorrect names, addresses, or other such errors so the notice never gets to correct party. Sometimes the notice is thought to be junk mail and is thrown away. In most cases the limited government staff just isn’t adequate to accomplish the tasks of research, verification, and correction of errors. There are other reasons why you may not have been contacted. These include name changes, divorce and even death of one of the principals.The government agencies holding this money have limited staff. They also get paid the same amount no matter how many claimants theyfind. As thousands of new accounts are added every week, chances are that the government agencies will never contact you.On the other hand, Private Investigators only get paid if we get your money back. We have more incentive to find claimants and contact them than the government agencies.
How successful is Claimant Asset Recovery at recovering money for claimants?
Before contacting you we have already done extensive research locating and confirming the identity what we believe to be the rightful owner of the underlying property. We would not be contacting you if we did not feel that there was a 99% chance you are entitled to these funds. Not only do we confirm your Original Address, and your Current Address – We link your Name to the located Dormant Property. We have operated successfully over the past thirteen years – Read the Testimonials from our satisfied Customers.
Is there any risk the government agency can take my dormant asset?
Unfortunately, but true. The states are actually rewarded for their inefficiency in returning dormant assets to rightful claimants. By law, the government agency will become the legal recipient of your dormant asset if the redemption period ends prior to you recovering your funds. The government agency stands to have a financial gain by NOT trying hard enough to locate you. The only way either of us will benefit by this opportunity is through cooperation. Neither of us wants to see the government agency take legal possession of your funds, hence our office reached out to you by letter and phone. The specific time deadline varies between each state. Without working together, that time may expire on you.
What if the Original Owner of the Property is Deceased?
Proof of ownership must still be established with documentation (as detailed on your claim form). In addition, you must provide a certified death certificate for the owner, along with identification and signed claim forms for all heirs of the owner (or for the personal representative if the estate remains open). Additional documentation may be required depending on the specific case.
What type of ID is acceptable?
Most government agencies require a driver’s license or another form of government issued photo ID. If your current address is not the same as the one that they have listed, they will want proof that you lived at the former address. If the account has more than one owner and one of the owners is deceased, a certified death certificate for the deceased owner is required in addition to the Identification for the person claiming the account.
How long does it take to get my money?
This varies depending on the department that is holding your money. Some claims can be paid in as little as two weeks, others average 90 days or more. It all depends on the type of claim and what, if any, additional documentation the department requires. That is why it is very important to make sure you supply everything that is requested by the Private Investigator. Missing documentation delays the processing time. Claimant Asset Recovery helps this process by making sure you have everything you need to get the initial claim moving forward quickly. Any additional documentation requested would be part of the process and keep the claim moving forward.
How sure are you that the money belongs to me?
If you have received a letter from us, that means we are 99% confident that this money belongs to you. While in some cases we cannot be 100% sure that you are the rightful owner, we are still confident enough to put the time in and do the work. You have nothing to lose to find out!
What are your fees?
Claimant Asset Recovery works on a contingency fee basis. In California, our Contingency Fee is limited to 10% of the property recovered. The Contingency Fee varies by state. We only get paid a percentage of the amount you get back only after you receive your money. There are absolutely no upfront fees. As we like to say “no results…no fee”! It’s a win/win situation!
Why should I use Claimant Asset Recovery to recover my funds?
Ask yourself the question, would you have known that you were owed money if we didn’t contact you? It took us time, effort, and money to locate you about YOUR dormant funds. There are many things in life that we can do ourselves for free and sometimes we pay professionals to perform a service for us. Our business is helping recover money that would have been forfeited to the Government Agency holding it.

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