Did you receive a letter from us?

If we’ve contacted you, it’s because we’ve located Dormant Assets and have determined that they belong to you. Possibly you are a missing heir of a distant relative, one you may not have even heard of. Very possibly, you’re a missing beneficiary named in someone’s will or insurance policy or you have moved without leaving a forwarding Address and left Dormant Assets at a previous location. We would like the opportunity to reunite you with these Dormant Assets.

This may sound like it’s too good to be true.

It isn’t.

Claimant Asset Recovery is a licensed and fully bonded Assets location company that searches various legal and financial documents in the United States. Our goal is to reunite individuals and companies with cash Assets to which they are entitled.

Our document search procedures are designed to match Claimants with their Dormant Assets with an almost 100% certainty. We first match the Claimant’s Name and Address of the Dormant Asset to the Claimant’s previous home Address and then we search for the Claimant’s current Address. If the Claimant lived at the previous Address of the Dormant Asset, we are 100% confident that you are the rightful Claimant or Heir.

In most cases, our clients have no clue that these Assets are due to them, so if you’re not expecting to come into any cash you’re not alone in being surprised (and possibly a little skeptical) when we get in touch.

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How exactly do we help you?

• We provide hours of search and preparation of required information
• If Claimants have moved, we research their current Addresses.
• We provide all the forms needed and guidance on additional personal forms you must provide.
• We provide a free Notary Service, on location, via an Independent Notary.
• We have experienced the twists and turns associated with filing claims.

“Dormant Assets in California”

Since the 1950s, California has accumulated 28.4 million dormant properties totaling $7.2 billion. In particular, because Property not reunited with owners becomes state General Fund revenue, the Dormant Property Law creates little incentive for the state to reunite Dormant Property with owners.

The Notification Letter from Claimant Asset Recovery is probably the first time Claimants and Heirs learn about their Dormant assets held by the State of California. THIS FACT PROVES THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IS NOT ADEQUATELY STAFFED, EQUIPPED OR INCENTIVIZED ENOUGH TO INFORM CLAIMANTS AND HEIRS OF THEIR DORMANT ASSETS. Not only is the State negligent in not locating the proper Claimants and Heirs – it generates $50 million annually from interest and absorption of Dormant assets into its General Fund.

For this key reason, we highly recommend that you allow Claimant Asset Recovery to help recover your Dormant Asset as soon as possible to prevent it from being absorbed into the State’s General Fund.




Our Commitment

Identify Assets

As an “Assets Location Company”, our Commitment is to thoroughly identify all Dormant Assets for Claimants nationwide.

Remarkable Results

At Claimant Asset Recovery, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee efficient, honest service that achieves remarkable results. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that you are in good hands.

Happy to help

God literally gave us this business opportunity to help and be a blessing to many others. We do not mind being used as long as we are able to assist others in receiving what is rightfully theirs.

What our Clients Say About Us

“You made it so easy to get our unclaimed money back! ”

Carl Novak

“We are so appreciative of your professionalism and concern “

Mildred A Brown

“We were completely unaware we were entitled to forgotten funds “

William J Overall

“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ”

Jeremy K Samuels

“Who would’ve though a Safe Deposit Box would contain so much cash & jewelry”

Susan C Grover

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